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A positive Parenting Assessment provides valid evidence of your competence and ability to protect and care for your child, the natural alternative to placing them into the hands of unrelated strangers


ParTog Independent Parenting Assessment

Our Assessment, based on award-winning research of Young people in Care, examines the probability of outcome for children living with their loving parents fully aware and attentive to their children’s needs and well-being

The performance of any parent under pressure is not an appropriate assessment of their normal parenting routine. A visual assessment in distressing circumstances, under test conditions or an unfamiliar environment is out of context and irrelevant to normal family life

The charity is only concerned with keeping children safe and happy with the love and care of their natural family. We therefor provide services to prevent the appalling psychological, emotion damage and extremely high potential risks to children placed in the homes of unrelated strangers. These Parenting Assessment questions become the basis for my Report to include among your evidence, confirming your parenting competence to the Court

We discuss several topics around parenting, a chance to explain your values and thoughts on how you would address these issues