Bradford always ranks among the worst, most dangerous places in Europe. Politics aside; parents had to find alternative ways to protect their family because no one was listening

2006, a group parents began sharing information with other parents having children attending the same school

2008, Parenting Together Ltd registered as a Social Enterprise, i.e. not for profit organisation

2012, we registered this as a charity, 1149523 keeping the Parenting Together Ltd, name that earned a local reputation for integrity, compassion and professionalism in Youth and Community work

2020, the charity received almost 2,000 enquiries and assisted parents in more than 650 Family Court Cases

June 2021, The Charity Trustees agreed to focus exclusively on parents with language and learning difficulties. A private company, Stability4c Ltd began as a method of protecting low-income parents and providing Expert and Professional services they need but could not otherwise afford

We provide assistance for families with young children, disadvantaged by communication or learning difficulties, disabilities or financial hardship, while involved in Family Court proceedings